Meet Ya

Hello, my name is Ya Liu and I’m running for the North Carolina State House in District 21. I am running to make North Carolina a better state for everyone. Almost two decades ago, I came to the triangle to pursue higher education and better opportunities. I came here with no money, no connections, and spoke very little English. Since then, I have earned two doctoral degrees in sociology and law, published many articles in public health and geriatric research, worked at Duke Law School as a faculty member for almost a decade, and have a thriving small business, and I’ve raised 3 beautiful children with my husband in Cary, a diverse and welcoming community that we call home.

Currently, I serve on the Cary Town Council for District D. I have had the privilege to serve this wonderful community and learn so much about the many concerns and life challenges we are facing. I am honored to be a strong advocate for business prosperity, careful infrastructure growth, public transit, senior services, and environmentally friendly policies. As your representative in the General Assembly, I am ready to fight for better schools, better healthcare, a stronger economy, cleaner water and air, and other policies to help strengthen the middle class and working families and prepare our state for the future. 

I have worked across the aisle and built strong relationships with my colleagues on the Cary Town Council, and will do the same to break the gridlock and get things done in the General Assembly. My life is a living testament to the endless possibilities of the American dream, that everyone can achieve success and prosperity through hard work and determination. I want to give back to the community that we all love deeply and I will work hard every day for a better, brighter, and greener future for everyone in my district and all over North Carolina.

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