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Why I Am Running

It is with great humility that I announce I’m running for the North Carolina House of Representatives for District 21.

Serving on the Cary Town Council has been the greatest honor of my life and I will forever be grateful for the trust that voters in Cary have bestowed upon me. The newly drawn District 21 includes the precincts in Cary that I currently serve in addition to several precincts in Morrisville. I would like to continue to serve my community by bringing your voice to the General Assembly.

As I start this journey, I owe a great debt of gratitude to our current state representative Gale Adcock for her decades of services and for being a strong advocate for Cary and Morrisville. Gale is running for State Senate in District 16 and I would be honored to serve alongside her in the General Assembly.

I understand it will be a challenging decade in the General Assembly as a result of a heavily gerrymandered map. I am prepared for the challenges ahead as your encouragement and support always lift me up. I’m running because I believe in an America that is kind, welcome, inclusive, and equitable for all Americans. I’m running because I believe in a state that can take strong climate actions and make smart and necessary investments in education, economy, healthcare, and infrastructure for all North Carolinians.

If elected, I’d be the first Asian American woman in the NC General Assembly, not only a representative for the fastest-growing ethnic group in our state, but also a representative that listens to and works hard for every citizen in a diverse District 21.

Sometimes when I would get home from late council meetings, I would take a moment to watch my kids, already asleep dreaming about their tomorrow. When days are hard and nights are long from juggling work, parenting, and community services like many of you, I find strength in realizing their future is worth fighting for and your values are worth defending.

I humbly invite you to join me on this journey, our journey to a brighter, greener, and more resilient and prosperous North Carolina.

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Gale Adcock, State Representative

I’m excited that Ya Liu is running to represent the new House District 21. I know she will bring the same energetic leadership, thoughtful decision-making, and collaborative spirit to the legislature that she has shown while on the Cary Town Council. 

Wiley Nickel, State Senator

I’m proud to support Ya Liu for NC House in District 41. Ya’s passion for public service has been evident since the first day I met her. 

Ya is a strong voice on the Cary Town Council where she’s a champion for environmentally friendly policies. Ya Liu will bring a fresh perspective to the General Assembly and will be a strong advocate for the environment, affordable healthcare, and public education. 

Ya Liu shares my values and has my full endorsement. I urge you to join me in supporting Ya Liu in this very important election, and I look forward to seeing you at the polls for the May 17th Democratic primary election.

Harold Weinbrecht, Cary Mayor

I am excited to learn that Ya is running to be a Representative in the North Carolina House. Ya has shown determination, courage, and knowledge beyond her years during her time on the Cary Council. She would be a tremendous voice in the legislature for Cary, Morrisville, and the surrounding region. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy.

Sig Hutchinson, Wake County Commission Chairman

Ya Liu is an amazing leader and elected official. She is someone who listens, has vision, and knows how to get things done!


Lori Bush, Cary Town Council At-Large

I am thrilled to support Dr. Ya Liu for the NC State House.  It has been a privilege to work with Ya on the Cary Town Council, to partner with her on issues that truly matter most for our citizens. Dr. Liu has extraordinary skills, knowledge of our municipal government, and a dedication and thoughtfulness that will serve us well at the State level.

Don Frantz, Cary Mayor Pro Tem

Ya’s can-do attitude and common sense approach to problem solving would be an anomaly in the state legislature and I’m here for it!
While I would hate to see her leave the Cary Town Council, in my heart I know that North Carolina needs her more than we do. Please join me in supporting Ya Liu’s campaign for NC House.

Jennifer Robinson, Cary Council Member

So pleased to hear that Ya Liu is throwing her hat in the ring for the NC Legislature. Ya is one of the most sincere and hard-working public servants I have worked with. She’ll do a great job representing us in the state house.

Ed Yerha, Cary Town Council Member

As a member of the Cary Town Council, Ya listens to her constituents. She is passionate in her support of the environment, affordable housing and issues related to our senior population. I know she will bring this same passion to the N.C. House. I’ll be proud to have her as my Representative!

Community endorsements

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Meet Ya Liu

Hello, my name is Ya Liu and I’m running for the North Carolina State House in District 21. I am running to make North Carolina a better state for all. Almost two decades ago, I came to the United States to pursue higher education and better opportunities. I came here with no money, no connections, and spoke very little English and a heavy accent. Since then, I have earned two doctoral degrees in sociology and law, have a thriving small business, and I’ve raised 3 beautiful children with my husband in Cary, a diverse and welcoming community that we call home.


 Ya Liu is committed to serving her community and fighting for a better North Carolina.