The Economy

A healthy economy is essential for North Carolinians to continue enjoying our high quality of life standards. As a small business owner, I understand the struggles of many small business owners and have been a strong advocate for our business community in the region. Just like you, my family and I have a budget that we try to stick to. Unfortunately, the expenses column has been going up quite a bit more than the income column recently.  


Every North Carolinian deserves quality healthcare at a reasonable price. As a parent, I understand the feeling of relief you get when you hit your deductible or even your out-of-pocket maximum. Healthcare costs are a major part of my family’s budget, and I am sure they’re a major part of yours. 


Protecting our environment must be one of our state’s top priorities. Climate change has already begun to harm our coasts and agricultural industries, and projections suggest that this is just the beginning if we do not take bold action. I have been a strong advocate for the environmental initiatives and policies on the Cary Town Council. 

Quality Education

Obtaining a quality education is the key to achieving success for all North Carolinians. Students in every zip code should have access to education that equips them with the skills they need to succeed in the workforce and society at large. As a mother of 3 school-aged children, I will be a strong advocate for our teachers, students, and schools. 

Senior Services

North Carolina’s population is aging rapidly. Age-sensitive public policy solutions are needed to address housing and healthcare issues facing our older populations. I championed the creation of the Senior Advisory Board in Cary to address the growing needs of our senior population. My academic research as a gerontologist and medical sociologist focused on the support systems that older adults need. Our state should be a leader in offering community and mental health support to our older populations.